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Plan de clase- possessives (adjectives & pronouns)

Lesson plan 9

Date of presentation: 9th September

Date: 13th September

Age: 15-16

Number of students: 38 Class: 1º I

Form: Present Simple

Function: To talk about daily activities someone does on holidays

Book: Opportunities- Elementary Page: 31


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify the different forms of possessives (adjectives, pronouns and genitive case) and make up sentences using the vocabulary and structures they work with during the lesson by means of written and oral activities.


The teacher sticks a poster with jokes on the board encouraging students to read them.

1- John and George, is this your football?

^ Did it break anything, sir?

No, not that I know of.

^ Then yes, sir, it’s ours.

2- A man walked into a shop and said:

- I’d like some really tight jeans, please.

Certainly, sir. Will you walk this way?

- If the jeans are as tight as yours I’ll probably have to!

3- Is that Susan’s brother?

- Yes.

He’s very small, isn’t he?

- Well, he’s only her half- brother.

Time: 10´


The teacher sticks a poster with two commentaries from the previous lesson on the board encouraging students to read them. Then, she writes two columns on the board next to the poster. On one columns, the teacher writes the possessive adjectives while on the other column writes as a title” Possessive pronouns”. Next, the teacher, together with the students, completes this column with the possessive pronouns from the text.

After that, the teacher writes 4(four) phrases on the board asking students to find out the difference between them regarding the genitive case ´s

ª Mike’s T-shirt *My parents´tickets

ª Chris’s collection *The children’s ball.

Once students have found out the difference, the teacher circles the genitive case with a red piece of chalk to show how to use it with singular nouns and then circle the genitive case with a green piece of chuck to show the plural nouns.

Time: 15´

Task 1 Game: Find the Partner!

Half part of the class is given pieces of papers in which there are some sentences referring to things belonging to different people written in them. The other part is given the results containing the possessive adjective or pronoun. For example: “I love football... These football tickets are mine.” Then, while the music sounds, the ones that have the sentence have to look for their partner and the rest the other way round. When the music stops, they check altogether by having pairs reading their sentences.

Time: 12´

Task 2 Practice

Students go to exercise 8 in their books at page 33. There, they have to underline the correct words (possessive adjectives or pronouns). Students read the sentences out loud so as to check the activity.

Time: 10¨

Task 3 Song

The teacher writes the title of a song on the board: “Hello, I love you” by The Doors. Then, she gives students pieces of paper with the lyric and plays the cd. Next, students work in pairs. Then, they have to listen to the song a second time and fill in the blanks with the correct possessive and words. Finally, students listen to the song a third time to check it.

Task 4 Production

Students divide in 6(six) groups of six members each. Then, each group writes sentences related to the topic of the song (Love) using the possessives (adjectives, pronouns and genitive case) and vocabulary they have work with during the lesson to make up the lyrics of a song. Next, students read the sentences while the teacher writes them on the board. Then, students give their pinions about it.

Time: 20´

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